twenty-second dimension

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Twenty-Second Dimension (Columbus, Ohio) 

Suffice it to say that musical magic happens when three-piece rock ensemble Eliot Hosenfeld (vocals and bass) Matthew Bowden (guitar and vocals) and Jeremiah Ross (drums) get together. Each member brings to the table a unique musical past that lends itself to the vision of this high-energy, rock-laden, new band. 

Technical descriptions fall short of conveying the driving guitar riffs and unique vocal patterns that will release you into this Twenty-Second Dimension. Unexpected harmonies give rival to commanding melodies on “Without You” and the thoughtful “Afterlife.” Powerful guitar solos on “Blindside” and “Good Enough” takes the melodic characteristics of the band to another level. This trio’s energy, sound and style will transcend the rock boundaries with a range of songs that will surely stay with you.

Latest News

We will be sharing the stage with our friends Tantric, KrashKarma and This Day Forever at The King of Clubs in Columbus Ohio on April 23rd 2022, we have a surprise for our fans and we can't wait for the show. We are also in the process of recording new songs at Dimension Studios and we're excited to release singles for the new album! Keep up to date by joining our mailing list.